Oftentimes, you might sometimes hear how risky it is to drive with a chipped or cracked windshield. Unfortunately, nobody has explained why it is dangerous. Oftentimes, not knowing the reason why something is risky is enough for some people to not take it very seriously. Knowing the consequences of driving with a damaged windshield can save you and your passenger’s lives.  


Here are a couple of reasons why you should visit a mobile windshield repair before driving a car with a damaged windshield: 

Higher Costs of Repair 

A minor crack is an affordable, easy, and quick fix. If you wait for this crack to become a major one eventually, this might need a complete windshield replacement. Of course, this is much more expensive.  

A Ticket 

Yes, you have read it right. There are regulations that surround cracked windshields. A law authority can stop you and provide you a citation if he or she catches you driving with a damaged windshield. A damaged windshield is extremely risky. That is why it is illegal. 

Shattering Glass 

Your windshield is pretty robust with a durable laminate protectant installed in between the bottom and top layers of glass. This will guarantee that your windshield won’t shatter. Unfortunately, there are possibilities that the crack will increase in size if not fixed in a timely manner.  


This might appear like an obvious one. However, it’s proven. A chip in your windshield can distract your vision. When driving, a single distraction moment can result in a major accident. The ideal way to prevent this is to fix your windshield the first time you see a chip or crack. 

Lowered Protection 

A windshield, from the name itself, is a shield against harmful elements and weather conditions. This includes lightning, snow, rain, sun, dust, and much more. Aside from the weather, the windshield will protect you from debris, rocks, bird droppings, animals, insects, and other possibly risky things that sometimes hit your windshield.  

Lowered Visibility 

Think about this. What will you feel if you don’t properly see the surroundings while driving? Well, having a chip in your windshield can lead to this. If you fix a damaged windshield, you lower the risk of affecting your views and causing an accident.  

It Can Get Worse 

Any minor chip or crack can become a major one if left ignored. The simplest way to prevent a major replacement is to have small problems fixed immediately.  

Improper Airbag Deployment 

For those who don’t know, your airbags count on your windshield to operate properly. That is why your windshield properly affects other components of your car. 

Compromised Car Stability 

Aside from protecting you against the elements, a windshield in ideal condition protects your car from being crushed in an accident. The truth is that a windshield contributes around 59% of the car’s structural stability during an accident.  

These are just some of the risks when you drive a car with a broken windshield. To avoid issues down the line, make sure you fix your windshield right away.